JSC "Scherbinsky Elevator Plant" has been presented on the Russian market for many years and April 2013 marked its 70th anniversary. Today it is one of the major elevator equipment manufacturers that provides the widest range of elevators and hoists with electric drives and hydraulic drive systems. JSC "Scherbinsky Elevator Plant" has gained reputation of a top-level and reliable elevator manufacturer not only in Russia but also abroad.

Plant staff aims for better quality of elevators and hoists by modernizing machine pool with brand new high-precision elevator equipment, implementing pioneering technologies and design solutions using modern finishing materials. Plant staff always improves its mass production, including passenger elevators, hospital elevators (for healthcare centres), passenger elevators and hoists for disabled, various freight elevators and small freight elevators, as well as develop new engineering solutions for higher safety and reliability of elevators.

Commercial Department is focused on providing plant staff with necessary information from outside sources: consumers, assembling contractors and partner companies. Systematic analysis of information, comments and suggestions give a record of production quality, constructive mistakes in elevator upgrade and improvement. Having studied the demands and needs of elevators' consumers, the following items were included into the mass production:

  • Passenger elevators with adjustable drive based on frequency inverter, uninterrupted power supply, safety photocell and Braille call button;
  • Machine room less elevators;
  • Elevators for disabled and other people with limited abilities;
  • Series of different hoists for the disabled;
  • Hoists for car transportation in multistoried buildings;
  • Certified fire protection shaft doors with different fire resistance limits;
  • Explosion proof freight elevators;
  • Energy-saving technologies.

Constant upgrade of elevator equipment and production list update enable JSC Scherbinsky Elevator Plant to meet all consumer preferences available at modern stage of elevator industry development.