Accessories for Elevators

JSC “Scherbinsky Elevator Plant” has a number of suppliers with whom it has close relationships and it allows the company to solve the problems of packaging supply to the Customer.

All safety devices are regulated under the "Technical Regulations safety of elevators" of both domestic and foreign production and have the certificate of compliance.

Having an extensive network of plant suppliers of elevator equipment the quality and reliability of which much depends on the suppliers, our company can meet the needs of any customer, equipping an elevator with an elevator drives and door beams, frequency converters and other components manufactured by the leading elevator making companies in the world.

Elevator accessories of the leading world companies

To make passenger and freight elevators with high technical and economic parameters JSC "SCHLZ" establishes and develops close relationships with the leading world manufacturers of elevator equipment.

The most significant components such as an elevator drive, a cabin door drive, the shaft door beams and inverter of main drive sets are of foreign production while the rest parts are of domestic production.

This ensures high quality products and low costs.

In addition, cooperation with European suppliers allows JSC "SchLZ" produce nonstandard elevators and fulfill all wishes of the Customer.

Such lifts provide reliable operation of the elevator in a variety of climatic conditions, including the humid tropics.