Passenger Elevators

In the modern fast-paced world it is very important that our means of transportation are reliable, comfortable and technologically advanced. JSC SchLZ passenger elevators for residential and commercial buildings meet all these requirements.

To date, our experts developed and manufactured a large number of passenger elevators with the weight capacity of 240-1000kg and with the speed of 0.71-2.5 m/sec. Our elevators stand up to requests of the most demanding customers. Elevator control system defines operation algorithm depending on the type of a building where the elevator is installed. Elevator control system can be based on any kind of hardware components.

Currently we are offering various options for elevator cabs finish: standard, original and luxurious. Based on the analysis of the Russian market development trends and the new construction regulations, JSC SchLZ designers manufactured and started mass production of highly popular passenger elevators with the weight capacity of 630kg and1000kg. These elevators can operate in "Fire Crew Transportation" mode.

In case of fire our elevators are equipped with an access door and operating panels. The panels are supplied with a priority key to activate "Fire Crew Transportation" mode. Elevator shaft gates are produced of Ei60 class fire-resistant materials.

We produce passenger elevators without machine rooms featuring a capacity of up to 1000kg. These elevators are equipped with direct-drive winch and frequency drive mounted in the walls at the top and the bottom stops as well as on the rails inside the well.

We use both domestic and imported winches (European Lifting Machines) for the elevators without machine rooms.

All JSC SchLZ elevators operate in energy saving mode: elevator cabs have LED-based lightning cabin doors gear operates in frequency regime. High energy efficiency of our elevators is provided by the use of direct-drive winches with frequency drives.