How to order elevator equipment

If you want to know the cost of the equipment, fill out the questionnaire to prepare commercial offer. The more information you provide, the better our managers will be able to name the price.

If you want to send an order for the production of an elevator to our plant, you should fill in the form "reserve an elevator" with a detailed description of the equipment.

To make an order for the elevator, please send the following documentation:

  • a letter to the Commercial Director with the offer number;
  • construction drawings with two mutually perpendicular cuts along the entire height of the elevator well;
  • the well scheme;
  • scan of the well walls, indicating the type of embedded details;
  • the scheme of the machine room, indicating the axes of the well and the cabin and their fastening in accordance with the "Program of the construction jobs."

You can download the drawing to order an elevator [87 KB]

If you have any questions, please, contact the Commercial Department of "Scherbinsky Elevator Plant" by phone +7 (495) 739-6-739 (multichannel) or your sales representative (the contacts you can find in the section 'Trading houses').